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Joomla! Community Showcase Site of the Month: MyThrottle

Joomla! Community Showcase Site of the Month: MyThrottle
Languages: English
Country: USA
Category: Automobiles
Creator: havocwreaker

Description: If you could bottle the smell of expended hydrocarbons, melted tires, and the roar (or scream) of an engine, and put it into a virtual site, you’ve arrived at MyThrottle. This is a COMMUNITY site all about motorcycles and the bikers that ride them. All makes and models along with the diversity of rider styles and types are welcome here.

The vision is simple, have a place large and capable enough to support such a diverse crowd, yet able to communicate with like-minded riders in order to execute why we all came here in the first place, to find riders and hit the road! But if I were to tell you that you can have your own virtual garage with the ability to post discussions, upload pictures and video, and organize events, would that sweeten the deal? Of course it would!

By now, you’re probably thinking that there is some sort of hook or you’re waiting for the mention of membership fees. Motorcycles are an expensive enough passion, why compound to your costs? This site is absolutely free!

Case Study: The site was originally custom coded and in its first version, looked horrible. The desired functionality was missing or buggy. Late 2010, I spoke to a developer that recommended using Joomla for my desired end state. The developer got started, and 2 months later I had Mythrottle.

Since November, I have been experimenting with different components and modules. The result is the site you see before you today. Joomla has definitely made a very complicated idea into a simple solution.

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