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Canada Get Your Business Online Event: Live Blog

Canada Get Your Business Online Event: Live Blog

Attending Canada Get Your Business Online Event, Tuesday March 29th.
Hosted by Kevin O’leary (the man), sponsored by Google, RBC, Rogers, .ca, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Globe and Mail, Yola and Silver Liner.


(5:37 pm) The event is starting, we are watching with a livestream from the boiler house in the Distillary District area in Toronto.


(6:00 pm) They’re talking about small businesses and how to help them to get online, to have an online presence, to help small businesses engage with their customers online by advertising and social networking.

Talking about google analytics and it’s role in the online business that help small businesses track their online visitors for free.


Free .ca domain name for a year from google that’s what this event was all about. I’ll write more later. go to to get your free domain.

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